1. Our concept of conducting Package Tours to several destinations is to treat you to tension-free tours and make them memorable and unforgettable.
  2. We strongly believe that we can make you happy by giving you GENUINE ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGES for all the tours. But we would like you to understand certain basic things including our arrangements for the tours so that you will have some knowledge about the particular tour in which you have registered your name by paying an initial amount.
  3. Brochures are printed well in advance and we take reasonable care in preparing these brochures mentioning the tour cost and services therein. However, circumstances beyond our control like traffic congestions, religious gatherings, strikes, change of flights, sports events etc not mentioned in the brochure may result in change in the services and itineraries.
  4. All our departures are from Chennai, unless or otherwise mentioned.
  5. We will be able to operate any group tour if there is a minimum number of 15 adults for certain destinations and 25 adults for some other destinations.
  6. Our Tour Leader will be able to travel with the group from Chennai only there is a minimum of 15 adult paying passengers.
  7. The services of professional English speaking local guides will be provided in certain places as per the itineraries.
  8. All transfers and excursions with entrance fees will be by deluxe air conditioned video coaches.
  9. If you would like to join any of our tours at any point, you must travel to / from the hub city at your own expense.
  10. We try our best to provide Indian Lunches & Dinners wherever possible, but there is no guarantee that this arrangement will be made available everywhere as there are some cities where there are no Indian restaurants.

  11. Indian lunches are mostly vegetarians with option for non-vegetarians.
  12. Usually breakfast will be buffet in the hotels of our stay which includes tea, coffee, cereal, juice, bread & butter.
  13. Any damages caused to the hotel rooms / Coach during your stay, shall be payable by you. Shalom Tours & Travels will not be liable for the same.
  14. Due to traffic regulations in most of the cities, the private coaches are not allowed to enter into the cities for sightseeing in which case this would be done by local buses or on foot. The Tour Leader and the driver will try their best to take you close to the attractions / monuments as possible.
  15. Due to major international events and trade fairs, some of the hotels may be blocked, in which case, alternative hotels will be given for which we reserve the right.
  16. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we may have to amend the itinerary giving priority to certain places for which we reserve the right. However all the services will remain the same.
  17. Refunds will not be made for services not availed by you.
  18. Once tickets are issued, it will be very difficult to change the dates. However if a request is made for a change of date in writing, we will try our best to make the change for which the necessary charges will apply.
  19. Tours operated are subject to RBI/GOI regulations. Part of the tour cost will be paid in USD / GBP / EURO / CHF out of your BTQ at prevailing rate of exchange.

If you or any member of your family wishes to cancel your tour, you should notify us in writing. If you cancel the tour then we will have to charge the cancellation fee as per the details given below:

More than 42 Days : 10% of Tour Cost
41 - 28 Days : 20% of Tour Cost
27 - 14 Days : 50% of Tour Cost
13 - 7 Days : 75% of Tour Cost
6 Days or less : 100% of Tour Cost

The Cancellation charges shown represent a percentage of the Total Tour Cost excluding Insurance Premium or visa charges.

Shalom Tours & Travels,