Dear Brothers & Sisters,

The beginning of 2017 was not at all encouraging, as there were a number of developments which seemed to threaten the Tourism Industry. The Government of India by an ordinance on the night of 9th November 2016, demonetized the Indian Rupees. Due to the “Cash Crunch”, most of our clients informed us that they were not interested in travelling to any destination in the year 2017.

The much talked about concept of tax reforms as “One Nation, One Tax” in the form of GST was introduced to the Nation effective from 1st July 2017. Now we could expect a better scenario as the tax, hitherto called as Service Tax has come down to 5% as GST. It is our earnest desire to offer New Destinations providing the best of everything. Some of you must have watched an advertisement, “Israel, the Land of Creation” telecasted through a few English channels. Shalom with a track record of 89 group tours to Israel till the end of September 2017 is including 2 new itineraries, “Enterprising Israel & Historical Jordan” & “Highlights of Israel” ideally suited for the secular people to visit Israel. We are also introducing future group tours to Best of South America, Korea, Mauritius, Eastern Europe with Croatia.

“Shalom” is committed to give the best and honest service in every aspect of the package tours with transparent dealings, providing the “ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE”.

The following is the deep rooted commitment and vision of SHALOM.

  • To be absolutely faithful to the Creator of the Universe
  • To be absolutely faithful to India, our home country for issuing valid Passports / Travel Documents to travel to any overseas country.
  • To be absolutely faithful to the countries of the world which issue Tourist Visas to Indian Nationals to travel to the respective countries
  • To be absolutely faithful to every participant travelling with Shalom to any destination.
S. JOHN SELWYN & SHEILA SELWYN - Servants of Shalom