“The Lord your God himself will fight for you” - Deuteronomy 3:22-The Bible

Shalom stood for TRUTH and RESPONSIBILITY in a time of Crisis and the Lord fought for the cause of Shalom using a gentleman Mr. A.H. Shukri of O.S Tour & Travel, Jerusalem, Israel.

It was in the month of November 2015, I took a group of 20 brothers & sisters on a tour of “WONDERS of EGYPT – ISRAEL, EGYPT & JORDAN”. After completing the tour in Egypt, we came to the border of Israel, when the officer in the Emigration Department cautioned me about 8 characters in our group.

She proved her statement right later as the 8 of them ran away leaving their baggages in the hotel room of Nazareth. The Lord gave me His wisdom as I was careful enough to collect their passports from them before they ran away from the group. It was 2 days of tension that I had to pay a penalty of USD 20,000 to the Government of Israel as the Ministry of Interior of the State of Israel made it very clear that it was my fault.

On the 2nd day, one lady, a keralite, working in Tel Aviv on a Work Permit visa contacted me through the driver of the coach we were travelling, tried to put pressure by offering lakhs of rupees that I should leave the 8 run away persons in Israel so that they could illegally settle there. I replied to her, “Go and Jump into the Mediterranean Sea as I will never betray either India or Israel”.  The entire conversation was heard and watched by the remaining 12 persons names given below, travelling in the coach.

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Later development and the Role of Bro. A.H. Shukri, Managing Director of O.S Tours, Jerusalem and the battle fought by none other than Our wonderful Lord.

Dearest Brother John,   27.04.2016 

We have been addressed formally by the Ministry of Interior that 8 of our clients have run away. We confessed and we said, who in life doesn’t make mistakes, who in life can work and not be taken advantage of, We said to the ministry of interior that our Agent John of Shalom and us have been deceived badly by those 8 people, and I in O.S Tours is willing to pay the penalty for this incident, but if this will happen I will be punished twice, once by those 8 pax who took advantage of me, and the second time by the Ministry of Interior who I do my level best to comply with it’s rules and regulations, and Guess what dearest brother John, I have been warned but pardoned, they didn’t make me pay the penalty but made me make a bank guarantee with the amount that if it takes place another time, my money of the guarantee will be taken by them in a blink of an eye. I thanked the ministry so much, I was leaving this as a good surprise for you when you come back again, that your brothers in the Holy Land fought for you and for our reputation. People who have this spirit can’t change their minds when it comes to our Brother John or Shalom.

Regards to your wife and family
Shukri A.H.

Managing Director
O.S. Tours & Travel, Jerusalem
Mobile  00 972 52 50 666 78
email: shukri@os-tours.com