The Servants of SHALOM, John & Sheila with Bro. A.H. Shukri

Bro. Shukri enjoying the Fellowship with the members of
The SHALOM FAMILY - 2018 Oct. Group

Dear Brothers & Sisters and our Loved Ones!

Greetings! We, John & Sheila, honestly feel that it’s time to look back our Foot Steps! The Lord has been very kind and compassionate in guiding us through the track of our life steps. The Ministry of Shalom has been given to us graciously by our wonderful Lord, as This ministry is not of human origin. We didn’t receive it from any man, nor was we taught it rather, we received it by revelation from Jesus Christ. We started the first journey to Israel with 33 believers including our son & daughter in the year 2000. After we came back to India, some of our friends, requested us to consider taking them to secular destinations such as Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand and for this purpose we wanted to start a Travel Agency. When I approached the Pastor of my church to give a name, he advised me to name the agency as SHALOM TOURS & TRAVELS.

Over the years, we have been able to lead 94 groups as a Spiritual Journey to the Lands of the Bible, (Israel, Egypt & Jordan) till the end of October 2018. This has been made possible by our wonderful Lord Jesus Christ, of course with the maximum co-operation of our beloved friend Mr. A.H Shukri of OS Tours & Travel from Jerusalem. He has been more than our brother as we have an unbroken, loving friendship for about 18 years. He always stood like a rock in times of our need, helping us to provide everything in an utmost efficient manner, sometimes upgrading our accommodation from hotels of 3 stars to 5 stars including finding and putting our groups in very good hotels when there was no chance of getting accommodation in any of the hotels in Bethlehem which is absolutely true. He shares our commitment and many a time he has acted as an advocate promoting SHALOM as a House of Absolute Trust with the Ministry of Interior of the State of Israel. We pray that the Lord bless him, his family members and the team of OS TOURS & TRAVEL.
We sincerely request you, brothers & sisters, irrespective of caste, creed, colour or religion, living in any part of the World including India to join SHALOM to travel not only to the Lands of the Bible but also destinations, in the different continents. All our transactions are transparent and there is No Hypocrisy, No Irresponsibility and No Exploitation!

S. John Selwyn & Sheila Selwyn
Servants of Shalom